Monday, 5 May 2014

The best way

The best way to describe San Francisco is through its amazing food. It's a city of progress, you get the impression that the rest of the country is about ten years behind what's going on there right now socially and culturally. It was a nice place to go and forget the current political climate.

Friday: clam chowder in sourdough bread bowls for lunch on the Waterfront then went to Height Ashbury and bought the most delicious organic wheat bread, clementines, grapes like candy, apples, plums, and cashew-macadamia nut butter to have for breakfast each day. That night we went to a little dive in Dan's neighborhood to listen to some very experimental but good music. I had Chicken Marsala and Andy had the best veggieburger we'd ever tasted.

Saturday: went to see the Golden Gate and breathed some clean crisp air with the redwoods at Muir Woods then walked all over Chinatown and North Beach until we were ready to drop. Caught the Gerhard Richter exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art, fantastic. I loved his black and white pieces. We had the best Chinese food I've ever experienced at House of Nanking in Chinatown for lunch: Nanking Sesame Chicken with sweet potato slices and sugar snap peas, and vegetable dumplings both served on large white plates to showcase the lovely appearance of the food. I bought a gorgeous dark blue silk robe in Chinatown as well.

Sunday: the only rainy day, drove through Castro then went to see Jackass at the Sony complex downtown. Had lunch in the posh food court there, a wonderful salad with chicken, candied walnuts, caramelized onions, sweet white corn, and creamy garlic dressing. Played Hyperbowl at the arcade and got hooked on that game for life. That night we feasted on big fat California style burritos back in Mission.

Monday: Andy and I drove our rental car all the way to Carmel and watched the sunset over the ocean from the beach there. Checked out Santa Cruz and the spectacular 17-Mile Drive in Monterrey on the way down. Saw the legendary Pebble Beach golfcourse and lots of elaborate rich people housing. Had amazing sushi in Santa Cruz for lunch then when we returned to Mission and had scrumptious crepes for our last meal.

It was a fun trip and now I'm back and I have to get some work done and the novel is also pressing. While we were driving down the jagged coast of the Pacific the rest of the story came to me and now I just have to put in into words

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